An update from Fuji, Japan

Celine with her new “classmates”!

Celine S., a sophomore, is traveling to our sister school in Fuji, Japan as Forest Ridge’s first exchange student at that location.

Fuji Sacred Heart School is located at the center of a large tea farm and surrounded by mountains and many other beautiful natural landscape. The girls here are extremely welcoming and they are eager to practice their English with me while learning about life in the US. In a class setting that is much more strict than that of the US, I am picking up new Japanese vocabulary and exploring Japanese culture. I am excited to be here and can’t wait to experience what’s next in this amazing journey.

Our last Sacred Heart exchange visitor of 2018-2019!

Lena P., a junior at our sister school La Perverie in Nantes, France, arrives in time for spring in Seattle!

What are three words that describe you?

Interested, someone who laughs a lot, and open to try new things

What are two differences between your Sacred Heart school and Forest Ridge?

The number of people in each class is quite different (much smaller here). Also, I’m at a co-ed school, and Forest Ridge is all girls.

Why did you choose to go on Sacred Heart exchange?

To work on my English and experience a new culture.

What’s the most popular spot for visitors to your city?

The castle “le chateau des ducs de Brechagne”

8th Grade Network Experience in San Francisco!


Divya K. visited Convent in San Francisco over Spring Break. She reflects:

“I arrived at Oakland airport around 6 pm on April 1st. I was soon greeted by Emma’s father who had picked me up from the airport and took the train to San Francisco from Oakland. I had met Emma’s brother Will, and her father, we all ate dinner and then watched a movie waiting for Emma to get home from volleyball practice.  Emma finally came back from practice after a long evening, we sat up talking and catching up from the last time we met.

During school days, I made so many friends, I mostly hung out with 8A girls, but I also met a lot of 8B girls too. I went to a variety of classes throughout the week such as Latin, French, Spanish, P.E, Science, Social Studies, and many more classes with amazing nice teachers. On Wednesday, the whole 8th grade had a 4-hour long Conge practice for their variety show that Friday. Unfortunately, Conge was postponed to a later date because of rain that week. I was still super excited to help plan a fake reveal about Conge and having a great time watching all the different skits ranging from Zumba to smashing bananas into your face. After school we did a lot of fun stuff such as watching tons of movies every day, going out to dinner at Benihana and walking around Japan Town Tuesday afternoon, having Boba tea from Tea Hut on Wednesday, so fabulous ice cream from Salt & Straw on Thursday, and ending the week with delicious smoothies from Joe and the Juice on Friday, along with in the mornings getting our daily coffee from Starbucks and sometimes Peet’s Coffee.


The weekend came around fast but on Saturday, Emma and I had a whole day packed with sight-seeing around San Francisco. We walked all the way from her house to the Golden Gate Bridge lookout to the bus stop that would take us all the way downtown. Emma’s friends met up with us at Westfield mall to eat some lunch and some shopping. We all hung out for more than 4 hours getting some more Boba and buying candy at Target. We all had a great time and concluded the day with some fresh, handmade gnocchi that Emma’s mother made while we were gone. Emma and I were exhausted by the end of the day after walking 8.5 miles. This experience was incredible, and I met some close friends! I will miss them but always remember the fun memories I made at San Francisco.






Japanese International Cuisine Day in the FRidge–and Gyoza cooking class for 8th grade language students!

Yui proudly displays the menu

Yui, our exchange visitor from Tokyo, Japan, helped Chef Ron and his team prepare and serve a delicious Japanese International Cuisine Day yesterday.

“Japanese Cuisine Day”

 Sirloin Steak or Vegetable Yakisoba, Assorted Sushi, Steamed Vegetables, Roasted Vegetables, and Steamed Rice.

“Preparation, Cooking and Service provided by Yui from Japan”

Dessert du Jour

Butter Mochi

Yui (center) worked with the FRidge staff


Additionally, she helped show the 8th grade language students how to make Gyoza. Yui says she enjoyed “participating in such a wonderful experience. It was very interesting for me to see the supporting job that we can barely see in usual. Also, I am happy to eat such delicious dishes!” We were the lucky ones, Yui! Arigatogozaimashita!

Mexican Cuisine Day!

“Happy Taco Tuesday!”

 Sopa Del Dia

Cheesy Bacon and Potato / Beef Chili

Plato Del Dia

“Mexican Cuisine Day”

Hand Prepared = Pulled Pork Tamales, Ground Beef, Ground Chorizo Sausage, Shredded Chicken, Black Beans, Refried Beans, Black Beans, and Roasted Veggies.  Served with Fresh Salads, Pico de Gallo, Spanish Rice, Steamed Rice, Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream, Chef Prepared Guacamole, and Cheese.

*Tamale’s Prepared by International Exchange Student – Maria!

Postre Del Dia

Chocolate Tamales!

Maria’s Grandmothers Recipe!

From Japan, just in time for our cherry blossoms

Yui K. is on exchange from our sister school in Tokyo, Japan for four weeks.

What are three words that describe you?

musical, sporty and a dog person

What are two differences between your Sacred Heart school and Forest Ridge?

First, you use PCs in every class. Second, students from different grades attend some of the same classes (art, math etc).

Why did you choose to go on Sacred Heart exchange?

I chose to go because I wanted to learn what the people at my age think in America, and also wanted to feel the atmosphere here.

What’s the most popular spot for visitors to your city?

Sensouji temple (in Asakusa) or Shibuya Harajuku (Kawaii culture)

A Visitor from Mexico City

Maria Jose “Majo” is a 9th grade student on exchange from Sagrado Corazon, our sister Sacred Heart school in Mexico City, Mexico.

What are three words that describe you?

Positive, happy and someone who likes to help others

What are two differences between your Sacred Heart school and Forest Ridge?

In Mexico, we don’t have study blocks, while at Forest Ridge, I have a study hall period with my host sister.

Why did you choose to go on Sacred Heart exchange?

I chose to go on exchange because it is good to try new things and to be independent.

What’s the most popular spot for visitors to your city?

You should visit the historic center of Mexico City, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Chapultepec Forest.

Just in time for Mardi Gras- a visitor from New Orleans!

Sophomore Caroline N. joins us from Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans

What are three words that describe you?

Adventurous, easy-going and funny

What are two differences between your Sacred Heart school and Forest Ridge?

At my school in New Orleans, we have one building for Middle school and high school, and one building for the younger kids. I think that it is interesting that Forest Ridge has so many different buildings for Middle School and high school. Another difference is the uniforms. At my school, we wear our skirts and polos every day. Here, it seems they only wear their skirts on Tuesdays.

Why did you choose to go on Sacred Heart exchange?

I chose to go on exchange because I enjoy traveling and learning more about the world. I find it interesting to see what other Sacred Heart Schools are like within the network. Through going on exchange, I can see how other people live and learn more about how other Sacred Heart schools follow the 5 Goals.

What’s the most popular spot for visitors to your city?

In New Orleans, one popular place to visit is the French Quarter. Cafe Du Monde, a beinget shop, is a very famous tourist spot in the French Quarter. New Orleans has a lot of history and the French Quarter is a good area to see all of this.

8th Grade Network Experience: A visit to Sacred Heart Greenwich


Cira C. spent Midwinter break on the East Coast, visiting our sister Sacred Heart school in Greenwich, CT.

Cira and her host, Claudia

I arrived at JFK airport after a long six hour flight from Seattle. Soon after I arrived, I saw Claudia, her sister Gabriella and their mother waiting for me with big smiles on there faces awaiting for the upcoming week full of excitement. During the long weekend, we played squash, went to CrossFit and even got to take a trip to downtown New York!

During school, I made so many new friends and learned so many new things! I even got to try water polo in their indoor pool for PE class for my first time. I scored 3 goals! School breakfast and lunch were great! I would sit at the table filled with Claudia’s friends. We would laugh, sing and tell jokes while having mini food fights. On the weekend, we got to go downtown to visit even more candy stores and delicious restaurants. I got to try “the Drake Peach Drink” as Sugar, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity and the most delicious French Toast at Loosie’s Kitchen and have the biggest chocolate shake at Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain. I even got to go on the Subway and ride a bike across the Brooklyn Bridge! This was an experience that I will never forget! I will miss you New York!


Meet Emma B., our first 8th grade Network Experience visitor!


2019 is Forest Ridge’s inaugural year participating in 8th grade Network Experience, a one-week reciprocal exchange program of domestic Sacred Heart schools. Emma joins us from Convent in San Francisco.

What are three words that describe you?

Loud, energetic and nice

What are two differences between your Sacred Heart school and Forest Ridge?

At our school, the cafeteria is only open during lunch, but here, you can get food at the FRidge all day. Also, we can wear sweatpants under our uniform skirts!

Why did you choose to go on Sacred Heart exchange?

My brother (a student at Stuart Hall, the brother Sacred Heart school to Convent) went last year and had fun. Also, I’ve seen my 8th grade friends travel all around the US, and I love to travel!

What’s the most popular spot for visitors to your city?

I recommend going to Union Square downtown–lots of good restaurants and not as touristy as Fisherman’s Wharf. I also recommend the Clement Street Farmers Marker.